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  2. Ryotei (Cuisine and ryokan)

  3. Onsen (hot springs)

  4. Ryokan (Japanese inn)

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Ryokans and Hotels in Kanazawa

Choose a place to stay according to your travel style!

Welcome to the official website of Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association.
On this site, we introduce various types of accommodations such as ryokan, onsen, guesthouses, and western-style hotels in Kanazawa, Japan.
Each one will welcome you with warm hospitality.

  1. Ryokan (Japanese inn)

  2. Onsen (hot springs)

  3. Hotels and Guesthouse

  4. Ryotei (Cuisine and ryokan)

Hotel Hinodeya Hakuchoro Hotel Kinjourou Nakayasu Ryokan 
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