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The Kanazawa Ryokan and Hotel Cooperative Association is working to realize sustainable tourism in Kanazawa, an international tourist city, through mutual cooperation among the association’s member facilities.

Passing on Kanazawa’s Ryokan Culture

The association originated from the Kanazawa Hatago (old name for inns) Association, established in 1866 at the end of the Edo period, and has been contributing to local tourism as an association of inns and hotels in Kanazawa ever since. At present, 37 inns, hotels, and simple lodgings are members. Many of them are long-established establishments that have been in business since the Edo or Meiji periods, offering traditional ryokan hospitality to tourists visiting Kanazawa from all over the world.

Japanese style room in a ryokan

The Breakfast Project

Since 2016, we have been conducting a project titled “Delicious Breakfast at Kanazawa Inns (金沢の宿「おいしい朝ごはん)” to introduce one of the breakfast dishes from our ryokan and hotels that are deeply rooted in the local food culture. Through this project, we are reviewing the traditional culture of our region, from fermented foods such as miso, vegetables, and seafood to traditional tableware crafts, and sharing it with our guests.


Translation – One of the best parts of traveling is the enjoying food that can only be served in the local area. The “Delicious Breakfast at Kanazawa Inns” was born from the idea that “local production for local consumption” is the best hospitality for guests visiting from far away.

Participating in community events with customers

The annual local festival “Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival” is held in June. We participate in the “Hyakumangoku Odori Nagashi” dance parade with our international guests staying at inns and hotels.

hyakumangoku dance parade

Paperless Kanazawa Guide

Kanazawa Quick Guide

Kanazawa Quick Guide is a web map that can be viewed on your smartphone instead of a paper guidebook and is provided only to hotel guests. In addition to maps and basic information on major attractions, guests can also view information on restaurants or shops recommended by hotel staff. Scan the QR code for touchless access, saving paper resources.
Currently available in Japanese only.

Mutual exchange and learning among members

Various events are held to promote mutual learning and exchange among association members. Examples include sustainable tourism study groups, tourism study tours, women’s club workshops, and English conversation training.

study tour

Kanazawa SGDs Tourism

Kanazawa Ryokan and Hotel Cooperative Association endorses Kanazawa SDGs Tourism.

Kanazawa SDGs Tourism

Kanazawa SDGs Tourism

Learn, experience, and fall in love with the nature and culture of Kanazawa. During Edo period (1603-1868), Kanazawa used to be a samurai castle town. And to this day, people’s day-to-day life are stillsurrounded by this culturally rich atmosphere, which includes a district where the samurai used to live, a Chaya districts with unique tea-house architecture, and more.

About Kanazawa Ryokan and Hotel Cooperative Association

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