1. List of accommodations

  2. Ryotei (Cuisine and ryokan)

  3. Onsen (hot springs)

  4. Ryokan (Japanese inn)

  5. Hotels and Guesthouse

MAP of Ryokans and Hotels in Kanazawa

Access to Kanazawa

By train

[From Tokyo]
 2 hours and 30 minutes by Hokuriku shinkansen “Kagayaki”
[From Nagoya]
 2 hours and 30 minutes by Tokaido shinkansen “Hikari” and Express train “Shirasagi” (change trains at Maibara)
 2 hours and 50 minutes by Express train “Shirasagi” (direct)
[From Osaka]
 2 hours and 30 minutes by Express train “Thunderbird”

By Expressway

[From Tokyo]
 Approximately 454 kilometers from Nerima IC to Kanazawa east IC
[From Niigata]
 Approximately 243 kilometers from Nagaoka IC to Kanazawa east IC
[From Nagoya]
 Approximately 242 kilometers from Nagoya IC to Kanazawa east IC
[From Kyoto]
 Approximately 255 kilometers from Kyoto south IC to Kanazawa east IC

By air (domestic flight)

● to Komatsu airport
 → Komatsu airport official website
[From Hokkaido]
 Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Sapporo (Chitose)
[From Tokyo]
 Approximately 1 hour from Haneda
[From Fukuoka]
 Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from Fukuoka
[From Okinawa]
 Approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes from Naha

● Access from Komatsu airport to Kanazawa
 From Komatsu Airport Bus Terminal to Kanazawa Station West Exit Bus Terminal (via Hokuriku Expressway): approx. 40 to 55 minutes
 → Hokuriku Tetsudou official website

Getting Around Kanazawa City

The main tourist attractions in Kanazawa City are concentrated within a 1 km radius around Kanazawa Castle Park, so you can enjoy the city on foot or by renting a bicycle.

To get around the city efficiently, the Kanazawa Loop Bus is convenient.
The buses run every 15 minutes from the first bus at 8:35 am to the last bus at 6:05 pm.

Buses in Kanazawa, including the Kanazawa Loop Bus and regular local buses, board at the middle door and alight at the front door. Fares are paid at the time of alighting, but a convenient and economical one-day free pass is recommended.

About Kanazawa Loop Bus