[Updated on January 17, 2022]

Important notification

In light of the recent rapid spread of infection of the new coronavirus throughout Japan, we regret to inform you that we have decided to CANCEL the whole event.
We are very sorry for the cancelation, as we were looking forward to meeting you all.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.



Japan cultural tour – Be a Ryokan ambassador!

日本在住の外国人向け 旅館の魅力紹介ツアー

Ryokan refers to a Japanese style inn where you sit on “tatami” mats, and where you wear “yukata”, a Japanese style nightgown and sleep in a “futon” bed. You usually eat delicious Japanese food, too.
They have been very popular among tourists from overseas who have great interest in Japanese traditional culture and, in fact, are highly appreciated.


深谷温泉 元湯石屋・孔雀の間

Now we’d like to offer a cultural tour for foreign residents in Japan to introduce traditional Japanese inns.  During the tour you will visit an onsen ryokan named Motoyu Ishiya which has a private noh stage and discover the Japanese traditional performing art as well as you stay in a ryokan (you can choose one among five different ryokans in Kanazawa). If you can introduce them on your social medias, we offer the tour for free!

Learn more about Noh stage in Moyoyu Ishiya > Click here

このたび、日本に住む外国人の方を対象としたモニターツアーを開催することとなりました。金沢の旅館に無料でご宿泊いただき、また、能舞台のある宿、深谷温泉 元湯石屋を訪れて能楽体験も行います。SNSでシェアしてくださる方限定で、宿泊と体験を無料でご提供いたします。

元湯石屋と能について詳しく見る > こちらをクリック

  • Date

    Friday February 4 to Saturday February 5, 2022



  • Conditions for perticipants

    • Foreign nationals living in Japan and their companion.
      Foreign nationals need to own their resident card.
    • To answer some inquiries after the tour
    • To share the ryokan tour in social medias
    • Basically one group is limited to two people; if there are three people or more in your party, please indicate so on the application form.


    • 日本在住の外国人の方とそのご家族やご友人
    • ツアー後のアンケートにご協力いただける方
    • ツアーの様子をSNSで広く紹介してくださる方
    • 原則として1グループ2名様まで。それ以上の場合は申し込み時にお知らせください
  • Free invitations

    • Stay in a ryokan and a breakfast (Please select one from the list below)
    • Noh stage tour in Motoyu Ishiya
    • Kanazawa morning tour (optional/guided)


    • 1泊朝食付(宿泊先は下記のリストからお選びください)
    • 元湯石屋での能楽体験
    • 金沢半日(午前中)ツアー(希望者のみ、ガイド付き)
  • Not included

    • Dinner in a ryokan (optional)
    • Transportation to Kanazawa


    • 旅館での夕食(希望者)
    • 金沢までの交通費
  • Application method

    Fill in the Google form



    Application period

    Monday, November 22, 2021 to Friday, December 31, 2021

    If there are too many applicants, the organizer (Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association) will decide who will participate. Participation will be announced after the application period ends, which is scheduled to be around January 11, 2022.






Please select a ryokan from the following list.

Ryokan Sumiyoshiya(すみよしや旅館)

Ryokan Sumiyoshiya is the oldest and the most historical Japanese Style Hotel in Kanazawa. The location is excellent for sightseeing. Dinner is mainly served with Japanese seafood.
more info about Sumiyoshiya

  • Dinner in Sumiyoshiya is 5,000yen (optional)
  • Guests can be advised about local restaurants for dinner, too
  • All rooms are non-smoking
  • Ryokan Sumiyoshiya official website http://sumiyoshiya-ryokan.com/

Nakayasu Ryokan(中安旅館)

Nakayasu is a family-run business Ryokan which has been preserving the tradition of Japanese style since its establishment in 1920. Kanazawa is one of Japan’s key cultural centers and a city of outstanding good foodstuffs or cuisine.
more info about Nakayasu Ryokan

  • Dinner in Nakayasu Ryokan is 4,000 yen (optional)
  • Guests can be advised about local restaurants for dinner, too
  • All rooms are non-smoking
  • Nakayasu ryokan official website http://nakayasu-ryokan.co.jp/

Ryokan Yamamuro(旅館やまむろ)

Simple and authentic Japanese inn since 1893 at the heart of Kanazawa. Be ready to host you with curated list of recommendations throughout Kanazawa.
more info about Ryokan Yamamuro

  • Ryokan Yamamuro does not serve in-house dinner
  • Guest can be advised about local restaurants for dinner
  • All rooms are non-smoking
  • Ryokan Yamamuro official website https://ryokan-yamamuro.com/en

Murataya Ryokan(村田屋旅館)

Murataya Ryokan is a family running inn located in the center of Kanazawa and they are sure that you can make yourself comfortable and feel at home by staying with them.
more info about Murataya Ryokan

  • Murataya Ryokan does not serve in-house dinner
  • Guests can be advised about local restaurants for dinner
  • All rooms are non-smoking
  • Murataya Ryokan official website http://murataya-ryokan.com/eng/

Motoyu Ishiya(深谷温泉 元湯石屋)

A traditional hot-spring ryokan founded more than 200 years ago, Motoyu Ishiya owns a private Noh stage, a jizo statue and a small shrine.
more info about Motoyu Ishiya

(NOTE: We have already received many applications for Motoyu Ishiya by December 1. We have to choose one party to stay there.)

  • Dinner in Motoyu Ishiya is 7,000yen and there is no restaurant nearby.
  • All rooms are non-smorking.
  • Motoyu Ishiya official website http://www.motoyu-ishiya.jp/en



1st day

2:20 p.m. Take a local bus from Kanazawa station east side bus terminal No.5 bus stop.

2:59 p.m. The bus arrives at Fukatani Onsen bus stop. (You can also drive your car to the venue.)

3:30 p.m. Noh discovery event starts. (Please arrive at the venue by 3:15 p.m.)


4:30 p.m. Move to your ryokan after finishing the event. We will call a taxi if you need one (the fare is included the free invitation).

5:00 p.m. Check-in and a brief house tour.
After dinner you can enjoy Kenrokuen Winter Light-up.


2nd day

by 10:00 a.m. Check-out of the ryokan.

9:30 a.m. Kanazawa highlights tour (optional). The tour will finish 12:30 p.m.


After the tour

We’d like to ask you to answer online questionaries’ survey.